about us

about us

Greeneco Energy was established in March 2012 with the joint venture (50% jv) of Saray Holding and Acarsan Holding.


Our partnership;

With its superior service understanding that attaches importance to nature and people, it has brought innovations to our country and the sector by using the latest technology in the production of renewable energy resources, as well as contributing to energy production and continues to serve the development and growth of the country's economy.




Saray Holding has 14 companies, mainly in the food sector, biscuits, chocolate, flour and dairy products, greenhouse and industrial agriculture, animal husbandry, machinery production, furniture, corrugated cardboard production, energy and retail sales companies, as well as Saudi Arabia and Ukraine. It is one of the leading holdings of our country with its food investments and its contribution to the employment of approximately 4000 people.

It is also one of the rare companies that can export to 110 countries in the world.




The site hosts 12 companies Acarsan Holding, Turkey's biggest abroad, is one of the main groups in the world representing our country in the top 10 in the contracting sector. Acarsan Holding is one of the leading establishments of our country operating in the fields of health, construction, automotive, Tüvtürk Inspection Stations and energy production, as well as food, pasta and flour production in our country.