The installed power of 25.6 MWe has an annual electricity generation capacity of 204,800,000 kWh.

It contributes to the reduction of the current account deficit of our country by preventing imports of approximately 22 million dollars each year for approximately 50 million m3 of natural gas annually.


UNIT 1 (12.8 MWe)

PLANT START: 15.06.2015

PLANT END: 15.03.2016




UNIT 2 (12.8 MWe)

PLANT START: 01.01.2016

PLANT END: 20.09.2016



Geothermal Field


The investment made in Denizli Sarayköy on an area of ​​2 thousand 250 hectares; It is an exemplary project implemented with renewable, clean energy production, environmental awareness and high technology. Greeneco geothermal energy business area, is the second part of the turkey tekkeh not known geothermal area where the first geothermal resources.

It has been an active geothermal area for hundreds of years, with natural resources on the active faults such as Gebelerderesi and Demirtaş, which have been identified by experts in the region, such as boiling water, scab rabbi, smelly bath, demirtaş, Kızıldere, tekkehamı, babacık, inaltı, Çavuşoğlu.

Greeneco energy is located in the lowest part of this area, where natural outlets are intense and in terms of elevation.

The first geothermal energy well in the region was opened in 1964, and the first geothermal power plant was in Kızıldere, t.e.k. was put into operation in 1984 by.

Geothermal electricity generation activities have been continuing in the region for 56 years since the first well was opened.

In the Kızıldere-tekkehamam geothermal field, 5 companies have power plants with a total installed capacity of 388 mWe. These geothermal power plants meet 70% of Denizli's electricity consumption.

In our site, which has a 200 megawatt electricity generation potential, 5 units, the first phase of the investment, have been commissioned 79.25 MW, and the 6th unit, which is under construction, has been commissioned in 2020, with an additional 28 MW.

Our power plants have also included turbines operating in binary systems. In binary type, high efficiency modern power plants, no carbon dioxide emission is emitted to the environment. The fluid coming from the production wells is pumped back underground with the reinjection well in order to maintain the reservoir balance after its high temperature is used in a completely closed cycle. the first domestic turbines are used in this field in Turkey.