The earth is the inner heat and the hot water, the water vapor and the various gases, which are formed at various depths of the earth's crust. This heat flow is spread to the earth from the hot regions in the center.
It includes exploitation directly or indirectly from geothermal sources. It is a new, renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible, cheap reliable, environmentally friendly, domestic and green energy type.
Electric energy production,
Central heating, refrigeration, greenhouse heating,
Endüstriyel amaçlı kullanım,proses ısısı lemini,kurutma v.b.
Industrial use, process heat treatment, drying etc.
Chemical and mineral production, carbon dioxide, fertilizer, lithium, heavy water, Hydrogen etc.
Use for thermal springs (Thermal Tourism)
Cultivation at low temperatures, Drinking as mineral water etc.
Our Resource, Natural Resource
Clean, Environmentally Friendly (Near Emission Due to No Combustion Technology Used)
Geothermal energy is allowed even in areas where the Special Environmental Conservation Area Olraka is separated.
Ideal for Multi-Purpose Heating Applications (In Residential, Agricultural, Industrial, Greenhouse Heating etc.)
Independent from Meteorological, Seasonal Conditions (Wind, Rain, Sun, V. Independent)
Ready Energy
Much cheaper than fossil and other alternative energy sources
Search Wells can be transformed into production and sometimes reincarnation wells.
Reliable (Fire, Explosion, Poisoning No Risks.)
Efficiency over 95%
Minimum Area Needer (Hydro, Sun, Reverse Vb)
Easy and Fast Pick-up, Operation and Maintenance (6 Months -1 Year) Long Installation Life)
Geothermal It is not a local energy, import and export and there is not a price between the nations.
Geothermal Heating Reduces the Load Within the City to Reduce the Transportation of Fuel-Oil, Diesel, Coal and Wood Wastes to the Residents.
Renewable Energy is supported by First Grade Incentives in our Government.
Production Facilities Begin with Low Capacity and Increase in Modularity with Colliers and Low Operational Costs Edible, Sustainable, Non-Consuming Energy
Greeneco produces "Green" energy as its name is Green, an eco-friendly name that is sustainable, cheap, clean and human-friendly.
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