+ Respectful to the environment
Respectful to the environment, friendly to nature, low CO2 emission production.
+Current deficit reduction
A production methodology that reduces the demand for foreign exchange exports, which is the effect of current deficit reduction (through natural gas substitution).
+Renewable energy
Renewable energy is an initiative that is supported by the Supreme Court and deserves first-rate incentives.
+ Quick return
The return is quick, the investment cost is relatively low compared to other relative renewable energy investments, a profitable investment which is a purchase guarantee by the state per kw of 10.5 dollars cent.
+ Revenue booster and income supportive
With Byproducts, thermal tourism, sante tourism, greenhouse farming, animal husbandry, fruit & vegetable drying, as well as energy generation are income enhancing and income supportive.
+ Very high efficiency of 98%
It provides a comparative advantage over other renewable energy productions, which can operate throughout the year with a very high efficiency of 98%, which is not required for raw materials and is seasonally remote from income (underground reserves).
+ Operational costs
Starting production plants with very low capacities and easily modularly increasing with low operational costs

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