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+Electricity Energy
Electric energy is the energy given to electric or electronic systems in the form of electric current.
+Greenhouse Heating
Steel pipes are used in heating systems as calorific systems and plastic pipes are used in low temperature geothermal sources.
+Residential Heating
The systems in the houses heated by Geothermal Energy do not show any significant differences from other heating systems in principle. If the heating system is designed for the first time, the known methods are the same; The heat requirements of the spaces are calculated and the heaters are selected according to the temperature of the fluid. But if the heating system consists of components selected according to existing and different design parameters, differences in temperature and flow values ​​can cause significant changes in system performance when starting with a fluid heated by geothermal energy.
+Carbon Dioxide Production
It is obtained from flue gas, chemical reaction end, fermentation (fermentation end) and natural sources.
Cultured fishery is carried out at low temperatures (Shrimps, Sea Bass-Yellow Sea Bass, Chupras, Tilapia (çupra türü), Broadcast, Carp ...
+ Fruit & Vegetable Drying
Geothermal energy has started to be used in fruit and vegetable drying plants after the heating and tourism sectors.

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