The health and safety of our employees and people who work in our facilities are at the top of the priority list for us. It is the basis of our success in the long run. Together we will do the best we can to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.
Our strategy is to reduce the number of accidents to zero and to take measures against occupational diseases and discomforts.
GREENECO is committed to providing zero-accident strategies and all the necessary support and resources to pass on the conditions associated with it. The Business Safety Board, where at least one member from each business unit is involved, is helping.
In accordance with these principles, GREENECO has the following commitments:
> To comply with all applicable regulations concerning health and work safety in accordance with all-round rules
> Continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system and its overall effectiveness
> Identify and regularly monitor job health and safety improvement goals
> Encouraging identity formation by involving all employees in GREENECO's practice of security culture
> Establishing standards of occupational health and safety and ensuring continuity
When these principles come into force, it is a fact that every employee carries the health and safety responsibility of their and their colleagues.

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