Every staff member is obliged to obey, to develop, to report any adverse events and to demand that they be disposed of, in accordance with the rules of environmental protection in the area of ​​responsibility.
Our company is committed to comply with the applicable environmental protection laws and regulations.
Each new activity (product, service, or trade) is evaluated about its impact on the environment. These assessments include all technical and meaningful economic considerations to prevent environmental pollution or to remove environmental pollution. Where the prevention of environmental pollution is not entirely possible, the pollution-causing emissions and resulting residues should be minimized with environment and raw material protection technology
All information necessary to understand the impact of the company's activities on the environment is presented to the public and an open dialogue can be conducted if necessary.
For us, the companies that are doing business in our business are already subject to environmental protection requirements.
Methods and measures are identified and updated to ensure that the companies listed in the permit and declaration do not comply with environmental protection rules and that they do not meet environmental protection objectives.

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