The investment carried out on 2,250 hectares in Denizli Sarayköy is a model project producing clean, renewable power with advanced technology and environmental sensitivity. Our field has an identified potential capacity of 80 megawatts. The first stage investment of 110 million dollars has achieved start-up of the Greeneco JES plant's first and second unit with 25.60 megawatts electric installed capacity, and work continues on the second stage with unit with unit 3 and 4.
    Our plants contain turbines working on a binary system. Binary type, high efficiency modern plants do not release ony carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. After the heat of the liquid from the geothermal well has been extracted in a completely closed cycle, it is pumped back underground via a reinjection well to preserve the reservoire’s bolonce. It is the first such plant to use Turkish-made turbines.

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